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February 6, 2010

Dead Dog on the Corner Vs. The Poet Debunker

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Oh dead dog on the corner, why did you have to die like you did? 
Oh dead dog on the corner, did you choke on a fig?  (FYI, probably not – there weren’t any fig trees around.)

You look like a daschound

is that how you spell daschound?
why does it look like that?  It looks like it should be pronounced dash-hound, but instead of pronounced dok-sun.  Why?  
I dunno, shut up.  I’m freestylin’ here.

You look like a wiener dog, all tiny and brown
It was just wrong of that girl to dress you up in a gown

Because, well…you’re dead.  Dressing up dead things are gross.  Who is this girl?  Are we sure she is a girl?  Are we sure she even exists at all?

Oh, dead dog on the corner, I’m thankful you werent a squished dead dog
I’m also thankful you weren’t my dog.  Did you know how to clog?

Oh, dead dog on the corner, are you still there? 
Do my HOA dues consider this, and take care?

Oh, dead dog on the corner, when will you be moved?
Will they draw a chalk outline, or will birds eat you as food?

Oh, dead dog on the corner, I’m gonna have some fun.
For tonight, I will steal you and throw you on someone.
I am going to wire you up wtih strings, and knock on a door
then make you sing and dance … weekend at bernies style, sucka.  

Okay, that doesn’t even rhyme and PS, that movie sucked!  You suck!  How you like me now, Brock???  I’m leaving.  This poem / story / ode is lame.  Yeah?  Your mom’s poem / story / ode is lame!

Oh dead dog on the corner, it is midnight and it is clear
That someone already took you and had their fun, for all thats left is your ear…

of corn that you were eating, perhaps you choked on it
but i really think I hit you with my car earlier today, because you were an idiot

But now you are not an idiot.  You are a dead dog who was on the corner.


  1. oh you are funny! I will be back!

    Comment by SB — February 14, 2010 @ 12:54 am

  2. Finally, someone who understands my sense of humor 🙂

    Comment by admin — February 14, 2010 @ 5:23 am

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