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February 6, 2010

Did You Know?

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Did you know?

Music was invented in the 1930’s, but then outlawed in 1941.  Music was not heard by anyone again until 1954. 

Want to avoid getting stung by a bee?  hold your breath around them and blow out your cheeks.  This will close up your pores, and the stinger will not be able to penetrate a poreless skin.  That, or stay away from bees.

Spelunking is the most popular spectator sport in all of Europe.

On average, left handers live 42 years longer than their right handed counterparts. 

The world’s fastest swimmer is a Bessie, a two ton jersey cow in New Zealand who was clocked at swimming 23 miles per hour.  Look out, Michael Phelps!

Want to rid your house of cockroaches?  Turn on every ceiling fan in every room.  It is widely known that cockroaches simply cannot stand cold weather.  If you do not have ceiling fans, then simply install them, or get an oscillating fan for each room.  Yes, this includes kitchens, garages and bathrooms. 

Want to know the secret to defeating bullies at school?  It’s easy.  Each bully has a sensitive pressure point right where their two legs meet, a little below their waist.  Kick them really hard there, and they will drop like a rock. 

Inlaws and grimacing are illegal in most african tribes.

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