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December 21, 2011

Forget Tebowing and Planking – Celebrities Are now Tree Screaming

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‘Tis the season to be…loud?  That is what many noted celebrities in Hollywood are doing.  Tebowing has become all the rage, and planking had its 15 minutes of fame, but what is the latest trend?  Tree Screaming.

“Tree screaming is where many of the young starlets from the silver screen basically go up to random trees, stand 2 feet away from them with their fists curled, and basically scream directly at the tree, at the top of their lungs until they cannot scream anymore.”  Jason Stanwell, a noted paparazzi has observed.

“Many of their fans have begun doing the same thing, and some are even considering chopping down their own trees, so the temptation isn’t there.”

Many disciples of these celebrities have decided to take it a step further, by going “Teacher Screaming”.   The name says it all – when the class is quiet and taking a test, a youth will go up to a teacher, and just before handing in a test, they’ll stand closely and scream until the child is removed from the room.

“I really don’t know what all the fuss is,” Stanwell added “my wife has been tree screaming at me for years.”

There is also something now called “coneing”. See the following video.

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